Pirate Princess Corset

Color: Purple
Size: 22

This here be arrr Pirate Princess Corset. The heart shaped corset has a flatter looks fer most wenches. Centerpiece of the lovely Pirate Princess Outfit. It be like the Milady Bodice without the shoulder straps or bottom skirting. 

• Flat Steel Boning fer better durability n' shaping, not the plastic stays that break
• Front n’ back lacing fer a secure fit n' wider range of sizing, instead of zippers or busks. Comes with modesty panels.
• Built strong enough to reduce the waistline 4 to 6 inches, others can only manage 2 to 4 inches
• This corset is designed to be put on with an assistant (unless your very flexible n' skilled).
• Good fer short or medium waisted women.

Washing Instructions Category 1: Dry Clean Only

• View video below the corset and on how to tie a corset 

READ Important Sizing Info!

Tape measure your waist at its narrowest point  (generally 2-3 inches above the belly button) , then take 3-4 inches if you are new to wearing corsets or have little body fat. Take 5-6 inches off if you are experienced at wearing corsets or have plenty of body fat. Do not use your clothes size. If you have a waist measurement of over 40 inches, you can take 6 to 8 inches off for your size.

Example: If you waist is 27 inches and you are an experienced corset wearer & have normal body fat, you should order a 22 inch corset. If unsure, order it smaller, as you do not have to lace it completely tight. These corsets have modesty panels in front and back and skin will not be showing.


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