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party tanktop
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party tanktop
party fitter tee
molly roger tank top
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Party Like its 1699

$ 20.00

Tank Top
Fitted Tee

Proudly wear arrrrrr Molly Roger Wenchwear n' ye be treasured by every buccaneer in the pub. Made of quality cotton with plenty of elasticity to cling to yer stunning figure. This Molly has a killer eye patch with a cutlass crossing a rum bottle.  Comes in a pirate black ladies tank top or fitted tee.

Tank and fitted tee sizes:
Small is size 0-2 or chest of 27-31
Large is size 8-10 or chest of 35-39
XL is size 12-14 or chest 40-44
XXL is size 16-18 or chest of 43-47
Washing instructions Category 4

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