Black Powder Firearms

 Why buy a black powder pirate firearm from Pirate Fashions? Our guns are high quality, authenically reproduced, and safe to fire. They all be in period with different pirate eras from the 16th century to the late 18th century. We have types that no other maker in America has, like our wheellock and English lock pistols, which were designed in-house by our own gunsmith. We have guns that are hard to find in a high quality version like our Scottish Murdock pistol. All our firearms are made or assembled and properly timed by us in our Tampa shop.

After much searching, we finally have arrrr own Blackpowder Gunsmith who be crafting Hand-Maded Early Period Firearms! These be made right here in the USA. These flintlocks are fully functional n' ready to use. These not be cheaply made Indian reproduction without a touch hole or flint. All of arrr black powder weapons has been test fired n' be guaranteed to work.

3 Reasons to Buy Firearms from Pirate Fashions

1. Limited Lifetime Warrenty on all black powder weapons we make, see video below

2. Proof Testing of All black powder weapons well sell , see video below

3. We offer many weapons not available anywhere else, because we design n' make them in arrrr shop


Shipping of Black Powder Firearms

The ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms defines the term antique firearms to mean any firearm or replica of a firearm manufactured before 1898 (such as matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap or similar type of ignition system) or any muzzle loading rifle, pistol which is designed to use black powder or black powder substitute and cannot use fixed ammunition is not considered a Firearm. This means that no firearms licience or paperwork is need to ship this item. Can be shipped by US Mail, UPS or FedEx. We will not ship any black powder weapons to any foreign countries or NYC, IL or NJ.


Featured in Pirate Documentary

VICE Video Productions hired us fer short documentaries about the Golden Age of Piracy which feature the flintlock pistols, blunderbuss n' swivel guns from Pirate Fashions. This be a video to promote the upcoming Assassin's Creed 4, Black Flag video game. Tiger Lee n' Resident Gunsmith, Michael O'Harrow have a blast. Below is the short 45 second version of the video (10 minutes 30 seconds) , click here to view the Full Version of the video named Reminder: Real Pirates Were Awful.


Proof Testing of Black Powder Firearms

All our barrels are proof tested to the old English standard to make absolutely sure they are safe to fire and we mark them with our own proof mark just as was done with the originals. Every gun comes with a booklet covering firearms safety, information about the individual gun, the firing drill, cleaning, warranty, and a signed certificate of proof with the barrel number.

Black Powder Gunsmith Services

If a gunsmith doesn't stand behind his work, he should stand in front of it instead!

Safety & Evaluation Inspection: We will inspect the firearm to see that it is safe to fire, recommend any need repair, and give you a general evaluation of the NRA grading system of condition: Excellenct, Very good, Good, Fair, Poor. Takes 30 to 60 minutes, can be done while you wait if not busy. Cost $35 to $60.

Repair Service: We offer a wide varitie of service from mainance to a complete rebuild of weapon. We will warrantee all repairs made to firearm for the life of the weapons subject to the standard of our warrantee.

Cleaning Service: We will only inspector or repair a clean firearm. If it is dirty we will charge you a cleaning fee of $30 or more based on diffulty.

Proof Testing: We will proof test your barrel to the Old English Standard of 300% of standard load. We recommend that all black powder firearm be proof tested. We proof test once a month only. Cost for 1 to 9 barrels is $100 each, or $85 each for 10 or more barrel, or $65 each for more than 50 barrels.

Custom Firearms: We only produce 2 or 3 new firearms each year and we have filled up for the next three years.  So we are not entertaining any new request, unless you place an large order of 10 or more firearms of the same type.  We only produce firearms for the time period 1580 to 1820.


Black Powder Firearm Safety Video

Black Powder

Our weapons require black powder and will not work reliably with black powder subsitutes such as Pyrodex or 777 due to the fact that they require a much higher ignition temperature. This means ye will have lots misfire as they were designed fer precussion caps firearms.

We do not carry black powder, but we recomend Powder Inc. due to their excellent prices n' outstanding customer service. Here be the link to thar web page: Powder Inc

They do require a copy of yar Drivers licence o' other Gov. issued ID. It be the law, they have to ask for it, arrrgh!


Life Time Guarantee Video


Life Time Guarantee

This weapon is covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

This warranty covers the stock, lock, barrel and all hardware that are original to the weapon.

Any breakage or failure due to manufacturers defect will be repaired at no cost. You arrrr responsible fer shipping both ways.

Your warranty can be voided by

1)      Not cleaning your weapon

2)     Overcharging

3)     Physical abuse

4)    Repairs not done by us


How To Clean a Black Powder Pistol


To keep yar limited lifetime warranty, you must clean yar weapon, so here be a video on how ye should do it. Don't use WD40 to clean yar gun, as it will leave a volatile residue. If you are not regularly firing your pistol, re-oil it every so often so it doesn't rust.