Category 2 Garment Care

There be 4 categories of Garment Care of Pirate Fashions Garb.  It's best to follow the instructions on tag, but if there be no instructions or tag, follow arrr guidelines.

Category 1 - Dry Clean Only

Category 2 - Hand Wash n' Line Dry

Category 3  - Machine Wash in Cold n' Line Dry

Category 4 - Machine Wash n' Dry

Items in Category 2 be: Womens Tops n Skirts, some of the Men's Skirts, Silk Bandana n Sash, Waist Coats, most clothes with 2 different fabrics or lining.

Hand wash in a clean sink or bath tub, with a few drop of mild detergent such as Woolite. Gently swirl or knead it for one or two minutes. Rinse thoroughly then gently squeeze out the water.  For silks you can add a few drops of hair conditioner to the final rinse.  Lay flat on a towel, drying rack, or on a clothes line to dry.