Category 3 Garment Care


There be 4 categories of Garment Care of Pirate Fashions Garb.  It's best to follow the instructions on tag, but if there be no instructions or tag, follow arrr guidelines.

Category 1 - Dry Clean Only

Category 2 - Hand Wash n' Line Dry

Category 3  - Machine Wash in Cold n' Line Dry

Category 4 - Machine Wash n' Dry

Items in Category 3 be: Bloomers, Some of the Men's Shirts, Men's Pants, Kilts, Some Women's Skirts, Linen Sashes 

You can clean using a Washing Machine in Cold Water Only then Line Dry Only, no drying in a machine.  The main issue is shrinkage.  You can purchase some arrrr clothing large and then follow Category 4 in the dryer.