Build yar Lady Pirate Outfit

If ye wish to build yar very own wench or lady pirate outfit, ye be on the right ship.  If not, then go here to view the pre-made Complete Lady Pirate n' Wench Outfits

Below be the secret to dressing like a lady pirate, vixen, wench or high born lady fer any pirate festival, cosplay, larp, renaissance faire, costume party, carnival, boating event or Halloween!  

How to Dress a Lady Pirate Videos

You can purchase one of arrrr prepackaged outfits above or build yar own from individual items.  If ye have decided to build yar own, first figure out if ye be going sexy or proper. We have found it best to follow the order below in selection of items:

1) Coat or Waistcoat if ye plan on portraying the Captain
2) Determine what style of Corset or Bodice ye be wanting
3) Select a Blouse to go with yar middle, white be the most common color
4) Determine if ye be more authentic with 2 Skirts or more modern with only one
5) Clothing Accents: BandanaSash or Hip Scarf which can match each other, but contrast with corset and skirt.
6) Pirate Hat, required if ye be wanting to be a lady pirate instead of a common wench
7) Belt or waist baldric, not required unless ye want to carry weapons, phone, keys, money, drinks n' all kinds of accessories, as there be no pocket on most of our women garb
8) Weapons, remember you need one to be a pirate, small pistols n' daggers be perfect fer a lady
9) Foot Gear: such as sandals, buckle shoes or boots
10) Pouch or pocket be needed to hold al yar personal little items
11) Misc Accessories such as BottlesParasolTankard
12) Jewelry be a ladies best friend

Different Color Styles:
1) Complete one color matching - everything is one color like black
2) One color with black n' or white - as black and white don't count as a color
3) Two colors with black n' or white - pink n burgundy, brown n green, blue n gold
4) Pirates don't match - they can wear anything they damn well please

The two option we have not shown be: 
1) A proper lady, which you can go to the gown page to view
2) Realistic female pirate, which be a cross dresser, you can view the How to Dress Like a Pirate page.

Invest in Fun:
The better dressed, the more attention you'll get 'n the more fun you will have at an event. You don't have to buy everything all at once but you can slowly build an outfit over time. Look at the pirate events page n' see what other pirates events be in yar area. Instead of feeling cheap 'n wearing a different halloween costume every year, feel like a movie star in high quality, historical clothing that everyone will want to take of photo of.  Think of it as an investment that ye will wear to many events over the next few years. Remember that it's the combination of all these items that will make yar outfit look more realistic n' stand out from everyone else, yarrrrr!


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