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3 Pounder Naval Cannon (Black Powder)

Title: 3 Pounder Cannon


This be one mighty fine 3 Pounder pirate cannon made of cast iron n' has a (certified nuclear rated) steel sleeve with treated breech on an oak naval carriage that has been stained and sealed against moisture. The 6 inch wheels white oak  axel with steel retaining rings which will provide a stable platform to fire from.  The leather covered wheels will help provide a smooth ride. 1670 to 1740 European style.  Will fire 3 pound cannon ball and black powder!

• Certified proof tested
• Lifetime warranty
• Fully functional smoothbore cannon with touch hole 
• Hinged trunion caps for ease of barrel removal
• 1 5/8 inch bore
• Uses 450 grains of black powder
• Barrel length 32 inches
• Includes all the following tools needed to properly use the cannon: worm, sponge, rammer, lenstock with slow match

• Total Length: 45", Weight: Approximately 275 lbs 

Ye will be charged a 55 pound shipping charge with the order and you will receive a second shipping charge once we crate it and be ready to ship. This requires the extra expense of having to be insured, ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day  n' signed fer.