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Breech Loading Swivel Gun (Black Powder)

Title: 2 Pounder

A breech loading swivel gun be a type of swivel gun invented in the 14th century. This be a 17th century Dutch breech loading swivel gun.  It was equipped with a swivel for easy rotation n' was loaded by inserting a mug shaped device, called a chamber, pre-filled with gunpowder and projectiles. It had a high rate of fire as several chambers could be prepared in advance and quickly fired in succession and was especially effective in anti-personnel roles. It was used for centuries by many countries of Europe, Asia n' Africa.

• Comes only in one size: 1.25 - 2 pounder
• Lifetime warranty
• Fully functional cannon with touch hole
• Certified proof tested
• 1/2 inch thick all steel construction
• Includes 3 breech mugs n' pintle
• Uses 200 grains of black powder
• Allows for a higher rate of fire than a muzzle loading cannon
• Includes tripod mount, rammer/sponge, linstock with 5 foot of slow match and brass rammer/knock out hammer
• Tripod can be taken down so as to early transport it a car trunk

• Length: 32", Weight: 29 lbs without mugs
• Tripod Weight: 16 lbs
• Tools & Mugs Weight: 11 lbs
* Total weight: 56 lbs

Note: Price increase due to cost increase.  Redesigned touch hole to fire with priming powder instead of a fuse, larger muzzel, better tools and nicer finish on tripod

There will be an additional shipping charge on top of the regular shipping charge, so expect an additional invoice. All black powder weapons must be insured and shipped by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day (Not Priority Mail like the shopping cart says) n' must be signed fer. It will be about $85 - $150 to ship depending on location, and we must build a wooden box to contain it all.