Bronze Mini Swivel Gun (Black Powder)

Size: 9 inch Barrel

Bronze guns arrr very difficult to come by, most modern makers only work in brass.  Bronze cost more but be stronger than brass. This sized cannon is easy to move around and mount on Tiny Pirate Boats. Swival gun ve very popular with pyrates of the golden age.  Just need a strong wooden post to drill a 1/2 inch mounting hole in.  Two different methods of firing off cannon.

• Lifetime warranty
• Fully functional cannon, 50 cal.
• Fires with wooden mallet on percussion cap (included 10 caps)
• Can also be fire with fuse (include 5 fuses)
• Certified proof tested
• Made of Naval Bronze
• Uses 65 grains of black powder, black fire only
• Barrel length is 10 or 9 inches
• Removeable brass aiming handle
• Include swivel to drill into wooden post for mount
• Includes all the necessary tools: rammer, sponge, and worm
• Wooden Stand and Mounting Brackets not included

• Length: 19", Weight: 5 lbs 13 ozs

All black powder weapons must be insured and ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day (Not Priority Mail like the shopping cart says) n' must be signed fer. 



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