Caribbean Guard Hanger

Style: Antiqued Brown

It be the very first custom sword made just fer Pirate Fashions, so ye won't be finding it's like anywhere else! This be a simple n' classic design that be favored by pirates n' buccaneers. The term cutlass didn't come into use until after the Golden Age.  Hanger be the term for short sword during the period. Perfectly matched set with the Boucan Knife fer two handed fighting!  Will fit perfectly with all our baldrics.

• Come in two finishes: Polished Black n' Antiqued Brown
• Made of 1060 High Carbon Steel (will rust)
• Can be used in Left or Right Hand
• Leather Wrapped Handle with Peened Pommel
• Battle Ready Sword ready fer sword fighting
• 24 inch Heat Tempered Harden Blade, Unsharped
• Leather Scabbard with metal fittings which are Blued
• Single Edged distal taper Blade with Fuller or Blood Groove
• Overall Length: 31" Weight: 2 lbs 10 oz




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