Fancy Court Pirate Shirt

Color: White
Size: XXL 54

This be arrr fancy pirate shirt, the one Seinfeld wished he had worn on the "Ruffled Puffy Shirt" episode. Perfect fer portraying the fancy pirate, Governor, or even Captain Morgan, this fine shirt also works well fer a pirate ball or wedding.

• Included detachable neck jabot with lace edging
• Adjustable button cuff with lace edging
• 2 Adjustable buttons at the 3 arm bands: wrist, elbow and upper arm
• Made from Cotton Linen blend, medium weight n' cool
• Buttons up the front with 4 buttons 
• Available in 2 colors: Pirate Black n Virgin White

Washing instructions Category 3: wash cold, line dry

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.