La Pistola Baldric

Color: Pirate Black
Material: Brass Round

Many mates like the baldric look but don't want to carry a sword that gets in the way, so we've crafted another original Pirate Fashions design to solve that issue arrrgh!

• Fancy period buckles in brass or nickel finishes, we are discontinuing the plain buckles, so what we have is all we will have
• Can carry arrrr big heavy black powder pistols as well as arrrrr large replica pistols
• Made of a thick 8 oz leather in black or brown
• The holster has an adjustment strap to keep different sized pistols tight, as well as a leather tie to keep scurvy dogs from pulling yar weapon without permission
• 60 inches long with 17 inches of adjustment to fit most pirates from 5'4 to 6'4
• The edges of the leather are beveled so it won't dig into yer skin.


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