Pirate Airsoft Dueling Flintlock Pistol

Material: Bronze
Style: Co2

This be the prefect dueling weapon fer pirates wishing to settling a score.  This single fire 6mm airsoft pistol be made in a 18th century flintlock pistol works similar to a real one.  You must move yar flintlock frizzen on and clock the hammer back to fire a round.  It be loads of fun, but ye must wear safety glasses or an eye patch.  They make nice little welts on impact, but will not penetrate skin. We only carry the green gas version as they are not as powerful as the Co2 version (making it perfect fer dueling at 10 paces), plus you don't need to remove the gas after each use. 

Note: You will need to purchase a Green Gas can (in store only) or Propane Adapter to fire this weapons.

• Authentic 1:1 scale replica 
• Fires 6mm airsoft pellets at 350fps, range 60 feet
• Green Gas powered, filed from grip
• Faux powder flask for storing airsoft pellets, 100 rounds included

Length: 17 inches  Weight: 2 lbs 9 ozs


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