Pirate Treasure Belt

Size: Small 33-38
Metal: Brass

Here be arrrr new Pirate Treasure Belt.  This one has two belts n' you can easily change any item to any position in seconds, and they stay in position when putting on or removing the belt.  Designed n' available only from Pirate Fashions.
* Available with arrrr exclusive fancy brass or nickel period buckle
• Allows you to add many different clip on accessories
• 16 D-rings on large n' XXL belts
• Comes in two metal finishes
• Edges of leather are beveled so they don't dig into your skin
• Heavy duty 9 oz leather, which matches arrr leather baldrics
• Two 1.5 inch leather belts on a 5.5 inch wide master belt
• Comes in three adjustable sizes
• XXL size come with centering button to keep belt alined 

NOTE: Belt sizes arrrr based on actual size not vanity jean sizes, so use a tape measure.

Part of the Black Beard Weapon Harness System, if you have a big belly n' no waist, considering attaching the Black Beard Suspenders