Rogue Pirate Shirt

Color: Burgundy
Size: XS - 38

This be Tiger Lee's favorite shirt! Made of a special weave that resists ripping if ye get a hole in it.  This be an incredibly durable shirt, Captain Tiger Lee has worn his over 500 times! (A salty 'ole sea dog he be!)

• 100% pre-shrunk cotton
• Bone buttons on cuff as well as laces
• Short period collar with lace up front
• Order one size smaller than you normally wear, as these run large
• Comes in 5 different colors: Natural, black, burgundy, brown n' light gray (which be the color of dingy white)

NOTE: The dye lots of this shirt are a bit inconsistent and yer color may vary from the photos

Washing instructions Category 3: Wash cold, line dry