Sea Beasties, A Pirate's Guide to the Denizens of the Deep

Title: Sea Beasties


Here there be Monsters! Written by one of arrr favorite customers, Captain Mako.

The Legendary Captain Mako gives ye the benefit of his long career commanding the Pirate Ship Damsel, and his battles with the Terrors of the Deep!

Herein ye’ll find 165 illustrated entries detailing the monsters ye be bound to encounter in yer travels, where to find them, how to make it out with yer skin intact, an’ perhaps put some extra coin in yer pocket.

Aye, there be mermaids an' krakens here, but do ye know how to manage the evil whales o’ Scandinavia, murderous adaros, maraudin’ dendans, or the colossal living force o’ Nature known as Leviathan?

Softback, 180Pages, 11 x 8.5 inches