Silk Bandana

Color: Tortuga Blue

These pirate bandana be made of 100% silk. Silk has always been prized by pirates, as it be soft n' comfortable. Arrr dupioni silk is soft to the touch but has a slight rough texture that allows it to keep a tight knot n' not slide off the noggin'.
• Perfect fer both pirates or wenches
• Currently comes in many colors: color may be different from the photos as the availability be always changing with the sea
• Made of 100% silk with seamed edge
• This be made in a large triangle shape of 32x32x50, so ye don't have to fold it.
• Don't use the standard small 22 inch square bandana, as you will not have long tails to tie, this is what gives a pirate bandana its unique look.
• View video below about how to tie a bandana.

HINT: When tying arrr bandana, tie it right behind one of yar ears so you won't have a big knot on the back of yar head when you go to sleep in yarrr hammock!

Garment Care Category 2