Sassy Cinching Sash

Color: Jolly Red
Size: S-L 22-32

This be both a waist cincher n' a sash, all in one.  No more lacing up, just tie it up like a sash with a big bow in the back.  Easy to adjust from loose to tight through out the day. A simple waist cincher be perfect for when you don't want to wear a corset or bodice. Makes a great splash of color at yar waist.

• Comes in 5 different colors in the Water Taffeta: Gold, Pewter, Black, Burgundy, Red n Blue.  The Black color comes in fancy damask fabric
• Metal boning in front n' sides to keep lines straight
• Water taffeta made of a cotton blend, matches other items in arrr line 
• Ties as a single large bow in the back
• Comes in 2 sizes: S-L or XL-2X