Mutiny Magazine makes a Splash!

A new on-line pirate magazine just come out n' it be a treasure filled 150 pages of pirate articles n' stores. This be published by Clay Clement, better know as Talderoy of Studio City Tattoo in California. It be free to view on-line, so take a gander. The first issue looks well layouted with interesting articles such as: Escape with Kendra about her travel to La Isla Bonita - Belize, Save the Shawnee by Chritine Lampe, Mermaids in the Wild by Rebecca MacKay, Fictional Story called L'Ollonais by Bullet Valmont, Resurrection of La Royaliste, a piece about the Pirate RockBand - The Pirate Charles, 2012 Inductees of the Order of Leviathan, the Art of Karen Yee, Ale Hunter by Jules Evermore, Piratical Ponderings by Cap'n Slappy n' Ol' Chumbucket, n' many more articles to mention.


This be arrrr 19th issue of the Pirate Fashions Newsletter for Jun 2012. In transfer the old website to the new one, we had issues transferring the newsletter. So we be reposing the feature article into this blog instead of losing all the past newsletters.

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