Pirates of Savannah Author

In my travels of various Pirate Festival n' events, I be meeting many interesting characters. I met with Tarrin P. Lupo n' his co-author wench, Ruby Nicole Hilliard. Tarrin be best known fer being the author of "Pirates of Savannah". He has published 13 Books n' currently resides in Savannah Georgia and is a member of the Free State Project.  They try to write fun adventure novels crammed packed with real history. It be nice to see a pirate book not set in the Caribbean, the story occur's in George and Florida. Ye may read the first few chapters here for free as a special bonus to my mates.


This be arrrr 20th issue of the Pirate Fashions Newsletter for Jul 2012. In transfer the old website to the new one, we had issues transferring the newsletter. So we be reposing the feature article into this blog instead of losing all the past newsletters.

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