Why Black Powder Proof Testing?

What be a proof testing? Why be it important? Prooftesting is firing a gun barrel with a black powder charge that is well in excess of any load that it would see in normal use. If the barrel bulges, deforms or explodes, we fail it! It is important to assure that every gun is safe to use. It be the pirates curse to die in battle from his own gun that he fired himself, arrrrrgh!

At Pirate Fashions, we measure each barrel with digital calipers n' record all measurements. We proof test our guns using the old British standard of a triple charge and double ball load. This is loaded into the barrel and bolted into a test stand. It is then electricly fired, cooled, then remeasured. If the dimensions vary by more than .005, the barrel fail the test n' is destroyed. If it passes, we fill out a certificate of proof n' proofstamp the barrel on the tang. This be arrrr way of assuring the saftey of our customers and ensuring the enjoyment of our hobby for years to come.

Note we NEVER proof a barrel in its gunstock. This would destroy any stock n' risk injury to those nearby. If you are going to proof your own personal weapons, do so on a test stand well away from anyone. Allow at least 50 feet and put something solid like a concrete wall between you n' yar test. I don't recommend this fer anyone but a qualified gunsmith.

Proof testing has been in use since the 16th century. Currently there be no US standard for proofing black powder firearms. There are black powder proofing houses in Old World. We view this as a problem! We proof test every single weapons we sell. I am not aware of any other black powder gun maker in the US that proofs their weapons. The British standard be the toughest standard we could find, so that be the one we use.



This be arrrr 28th issue of the Pirate Fashions Newsletter for Mar 2013. In transfer the old website to the new one, we had issues transferring the newsletter. So we be reposing the feature article into this blog instead of losing all the past newsletters.

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