Pirate Fashion Crew play Conquistadors in Documentary called "America"

I recieve a call from a costumer working on a documentary about the discovery of the new world. The production company named America Films LLC which makes films for the History Channel. They be in need of a crew of the conquistadors row boats, secure a beach landing, patrol uncharted lands, look for gold, kill native indians n' destroy villages. Funny, sounds alot like pirating. We took up the challenge of acquiring armour, period clothing, making matchlocks, weathering equipment, recuriting n' training volunteers in 10 days. We spend two days at Fort DeSoto filming. It will be next year before the documentry Americawill be release.


This be arrrr 30th issue of the Pirate Fashions Newsletter for May 2013. In transfer the old website to the new one, we had issues transferring the newsletter. So we be reposing the feature article into this blog instead of losing all the past newsletters.

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