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Generally speaking, any pirate show is better than no pirate show, as they be fairly rare on national TV. This be the only year thar be two pirate tv series in the same year. The Treasure Island in 2012 was more of a 3 part made for TV movie, not really a series. Then in 3007 be the Pirate Master the ill fated Reality TV program. The last and long great pirate TV series be "The Adventures of Long John Silver" featuring Robert Newton. In 1956, it aired a full 26 episodes in the USA, UK n' Australia.

We let us expose arrrr part in this program. In the first scene of the series where Tom Lowe, the British spy N doctor uses a blunderbuss to destroy a shinny brass chronometer. Who do ye suppose supplies that nice French Blunderbuss? We also supplied arms to the Black Sails Starz Series as well.

I had high hopes fer CrossBones as it was suppose to be based on Colin Woodard's book, The Republic of Pirates, which be about how a collection of pirate captains attempted to create a democracy in the Bahamas. Instead they changed a non-fiction book into a fantasy TV series about a dead pirate named Blackbeard. Set in the year 1729, 11 year after Edward Teach died at the age of 38, played by the 60 year old John Malkovich. I guess death ages you most severely. The show doesn't explain how Black Beard avoided death, what is plans are, what this republic of pirates is about. There be lots of historical points they don't follow: clothing, speech and women.

Based on the Metascore of 23 critics, 8 were positive, 11 were mixed and 4 be negative. On the IMDb of 1776 review it got a 6.5, while on Rotten Tomatoes it got a 61%. Most pirate re-enactors hated it, while more of the general population liked it. Some TV series start out slow n' get better with time, let us hope that this be the case.


November 12, 2015

I’ve been lokniog for a post like this for an age

- Cibele

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