Pirate Enters the Boating Parade of Lights

Everybody be preparing fer the holiday of plentyful treasures.  So here be my paddle board all decorated fer the Tampa Boating Parade of Lights on the Hillsbourgh River.  It be a beauty of a 14 foot Kaholo racing paddle board.  The Flying Tiger be currently brigantine rigged with 2 mast n' a long bowsprit that puts here at 19 feet long n' 6 feet high. Pirate's boats should always be made of hard wood, none of that plastic covered foam fer me, arrrrrgh!  



The strange item in the middle be  a special hand made forward paddling system, as pirates like to see where they be heading.  Most  sculling boats row backwards. Captain Kidd's Adventure Galley had 32 guns n' 44 oars, which would allow them to capture a prize with little or no wind. We rogue arrrrrr alway a bit unconventional in ship building fer faster speeds.  I am planning to rig a sail n' mount some guns on her.  

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