$50 Off Pirate's Life Cruise

The cruise now be official, we have enough mates signed up to make it a go, Yarrr! Don't be a land lubber n' miss the boat. Prices start at only $619 - $50 Early Bird Discount = $569 per person fer an 8 day cruise, this be a great deal.  Includes the Easy Drink Package. Sign UP by July 4, 2019 n' get $50 Discount.

Travel the High Seas with fellow Pirate Enthusiasts to visit Pirate Museums, Spanish Fortresses, and Rum Bars in the Caribbean isles. Experience luxurious life aboard a cruise ship with Game Night, Pirate Classes & Buccaneer Ball.  

We will be visiting Tiger's favorite places in the Caribbean. In 2008, I decided move from the port of San Diego to the St Thomas the US Virgin Islands to start a Pirate Photo Studio. It didn't work out, but I explored the entire island n' vended at the very first St Thomas Pirate Festival. I can't wait to visit the new Pirate Treasure Museum in St Thomas, which just opened up last year.  We recreated a pirate outfit from a Don Maitz painting fer their exhibit n' be in the process of getting a special behind the scenes tour.

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