A Pirate's Life Cruise

Four weeks ago, I send a survey asking if any of my fine customer be interested in going on a Pirate Cruise with Pirate Fashions. 436 replied to the survey with 68% saying ye love to go n 31% said it depends on the offer. 60% of ye have been a cruise before. Majority wanted a 5 -8 day cruise going to Nassau n' St Thomas in the month of April to visit Pirate Museum, Rum Distillery n' Buccaneer Balls.  

Using that info, I send a second survey to the pirates who answered the first survey. 72 responded to that e-mail. I gave ye the option of two different cruise: a more affordable MSC Seaside or the high quality Celebrity Equinox.  57% wanted for more affordable option n' 18% be good with either one. 50% of ye be interested in the balcony cabin over the inside cabin 25%.  23% are ready to sign up now, 46% said it depends if yar mate agrees and 26% will depend if ye can make the budget work.

Click here discover the treasure of a pirate cruise, yarrr!



February 20, 2022

Can you tell me how many people have currently signed up for the cruise. I have almost convinced my husband to attend and he is a very sociable person and I would very much like to meet you.

- Krista Robinson

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