First Annual Gasparilla Bead Sale Weekend

Special Gasparilla Krewe SALE, Aug 18 to 20. 

Normally we don't have sales at Pirate Fashions, but fer this weekend only, things be different. The more beads ye buy, the bigger the discount!  Ye can buy just fer yarself or yar entire krewe can combine the order (must be done all together under one payment). Speciality bead cases count as 2 cases for the discount.

5 Cases = 5% Discount
10 Cases = 7.5% Discount
25 Cases = 10% Discount
50 Cases = 12.5% Discount
100 or more Cases = 15% Discount

Get a FREE Pirate Fashion Bead Bag ($15 value) with every 5 boxes of beads purchased.  These are deluxe 100% cotton canvas bags with extra long handle you can loop over yar shoulder fer easier carrying (not the cheap poly bags that everybody else sells. Arrr customers who order beads will also earn a Spin on the Wheel of Plunder to win Freebies such Bead Bags, PF Coin Bead, Light Up Bead, Etc.  

Ye can get a Standard Case of 60 Dozen Round Throw Beads fer as low as $45.90, instead of the regular price of $54. The discount applies to all our throw n' many of our speciality beads. The accord be ye pay now n pick up yar bead order In-Store during the month of Dec. 

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