Gasparilla Dressing Guild

Gasparilla be the 3rd largest parade in the US n' occurred 104 times.     This be a guild on how to dress fer Tampa Bays largest event, Gasparilla.

Two way to dress for Gasparilla. Street Pirate or Pirate Lite vs Authentic Real Pirate. If ye be out in the crowd and be limited in funds, go for the Street Pirate look of a hot pirate t-shirt with a red sash n’ bandana fer guys or a Molly Roger tanktop and hip scarf. This be great way to show yar pirate spirit while being comfortable.

 If ye be part of a krewe or want to impress, then go with the authentic real pirate looks. It consist of three basic parts: long waistcoat with a pirate shirt n’ knee breeches. Pirate coat be option as they are hot and expensive. Add accessories is what make the outfit look real. Start with matching sash, bandana, socks, then a go to the leather stuff such as belt, pouch, boots and baldric. A hat and jewelry will finish off the outfit.


The women’s outfit also consist of three basic parts: blouse, skirt and corset. The corset be the most important, so start their first. You have two ways to go with the bottoms. One be proper or formal looks consist of a long petticoat with a overskirt draped up. The second way be modern look consist of one short skirt. The difference between a lady pirate and a common wench outfit wise, be that a lady pirate wears a pirate hat and weapons.


Guild to weapons at Gasparilla be only plastic toy weapons if ye be on the street in the crowd. If ye be part of a Gasparilla krewe or on a boat or private property you can wear metal weapons, but can not pull them out.

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