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In Raise n Fall of the Big Bear Pirate Ship

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In 1968 a father n' son build a pirate ship in their back yard in San Diego. This be a 1/3 replica of a 16th century Spanish galleon or 43 foot sailing ship.  In 1980 the ship be purchased by Homemade Films fer the Terry Gilliam's movie "Time Bandits".  After a stint as at our boat in Newport Beach, it was brough to Big Bear Lake in 1998.  It be a popular tourist attraction, which take a 90 minute cruise around the lake.  It be the highlight of the Big Bear Pirate Festival, which I used to vend at in my early days.   On Feb 29 , 2014 it sunk during a severe storm.  After spending two weeks underwater, they resurrected the ship n' she sails once more.

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  • Jan 24, 2019

    Is this still afloat? Still at Big Bear Lake? Might it be for sale? Thanks.

    — Roger Hubert

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