International Pirate Magazine: L' Echo Des Mers

WI just came across an pirate magazine out of Canada. It be a 16 page magazine that be printed in a paper version fer $1.50 or a free on-line version at L'Echo Des Mers.  Issue 2 came out in Oct 2015, while Issue 22 came out in May 2017 (featuring an article on Pirate Fashions), n' they have every issue in-between fer viewing. The magazine be designed to promote the international pirate entertainment industry. The magazine has reporters in 8 countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Tasmania, USA) that supply articles in either French or English or sometimes both.  

Mark Forget be the captain of this endeavor, who has spent 30 years with the Royal Canadian Air Force n' be currently posted in Ottawa. When he was deployed to Tyndal AFB near Panama City Beach, FL, he came across his first pirate festival.  He enjoyed this experience so much, he decided to start his own pirate organiazation.  He started a website called  Festival des Pirate, as well as pirate radio program called Echo Des Mers.

As I be alway interested in piracy in other counties, I asked him about pirating in Canada.  He said "During the best Canadian pirate event survey done by the Écho des mers pirate magazine show that there is around 5000 pirates enthusiasts is Québec and Ontario but  not all in garbs though and the rest of 7000 are distributed through Canada Maritime Provinces.  

Last year it was the Tallahassee Days Pirate Festival 2015 near Halifax N.S. that won the Écho des mers most popular pirate event in Canada with over 5000 visitors in 2.5 days.  But Canada has pirate events from cost to cost, there even pirate activity around the Canadian tall ship festival in all major cities like Richmond Bc. Vancouver Bc. Halifax Ns. Québec city Qc, Montréal Qc and Brockville On. There are too many to start to name all of them. But here a list of some event than Écho des mers coved."


May 09, 2019

Thanks Tiger for this article, If you have a chance please contact me!

- Marck

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