Nassau Pirate Muesum 

I took a cruise to the Bahamas, with a port visit to the olde city of Nassau.  So I had to visit the Nassau Pirate Museum, it be only a few block away from the cruise ship terminal.  It be at lease twice the size of the Pirate Museum in St Augustine, so there be much more to see. They featured life sized displays of scenes from pirate history.  Their technology be a bit olde fashion such as a flip board with question n' answers, but I did enjoy it much more than the touch screen computer kiosks of other museums. Most everything was a reproduction and not an original antique. The most impactful display be the very first one, which be a live size pirate ship in the Nassau port of the 1718, one day my store may look like this.  The biggest disappointment was the lack of staff interaction, no live pirates to talk with. Their gift shop was lacking as well, but if you come to the Caribbean looking fer pyrate treasures, you will find mostly tourist souvenirs made in Asia. Overall I spend a very enjoyable hour or so.  I would highly suggest that you take a visit if ye be in Nassau.


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