New Wool Pirate Hat

We be switching from getting our wool hat blanks from a distributor to directly from the USA oldest and largest hat factory.  

These hat blanks have a shorter crown and larger brim.  The wool is thicker, stiffer n' more consistent.  The edges are smooth and even, instead of ragged.  

The only draw back is we be losing arrrr larger 7 7/8 size hat.  The wool blanks is the base of arrrr custom hat.  We still sew the hat lace and edging, steam, shape, cock, n' feather the hat right here in our Tampa retail store. From this hat blank we make the 8 different custom hat style from:  Able Seamen, Landsmen, Bosum, Its Mate, Captains, Gunner as well as the Swashbuckler n Crow's Nest.

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