Dead Men Tell No Tales, Will there be another Pirate of the Caribbean movie?

Avast, I be assuming that if ye be a true pirate loving soul, n' one of my fine customers, ye have already seen the latest of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I bought my entire Krewe to watch the movie on opening night.

Overall me Krewe n' I be thinking it be a pretty good movie. It be light n' satisfying, nothing horribly accursed or truly amazing. So Arrr big question be this, "Will there be another POTC Movie?" or will this one be the last.

The pirate n' business owner in me, say's "Aye, Aye"; but the true answer will hinge on two factors. Disney and Johnny Depp.  The East India Mouse Company will do another one if they make more money than the last one. Here be the records of POTC according  to Box Office Mojo as we when the DVD came out:

Title  Opening Week World Wide Cost
Curse of Black Pearl $46M $654M $125M
Dead Man's Chest $135M $1066M $225M
At World's End $114M $963M $300M
On Stranger Tides $90M $1045M $250M
Dead Men Tell No Tales $78M $794M $230M


This movie will push the series to over $4.5 Billion in sales, which is an extremely profitable feat. The least profitable movie of the franchise be the first one, n' it's considered the best o' the bunch.  So if a movie makes over half a billion profit, they would highly consider doing another one.

Fer the other issue, Johnny says he loves playing Captain Jack Sparrow. In the other POTC movies, Jack be an active pirate captain who moves the plot forward. In this movie he is a passive character, who has lost his crew, ship n' compass.  The other characters move the plot along n' be vital to the story. Jack Sparrow hardly uses his cutlass or pistol. The only thing he figures out quickly is to drop a sword to Barbossa to kill Captain Salazar.  

The critics tore Johnny apart with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 31%. We will see if he wants to avoid a black spot on his reputation n' move onto something else that would progress this career. Could their be a POTC without a Captain Jack Sparrow?

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