Rum's Revenge


Some days, I be getting some very interested mates coming in my shop. The other day a lovely couple came in to buy on outfit, as they wanted to look authentic fer doing trade shows fer their new product, called Rum's Revenge.  

The Rum’s Revenge be a fictitious Pirate Ship that grrrrr based our story on. A Pirate’s chest full of 12 rums that will take ye on a journey around the World n' broaden yar Rum experience. Along the way ye be getting to follow the wax sealed treasure map to match the symbols for the next Rum location. It comes equipped with a skull glass n' a Rum’s Revenge piece of eight 1st edition lapel pin. A hand made miniature Rum’s Revenge in a bottle be included. It wouldn’t be right to sail around the treasure map without a ship now would it. 

Cindy N Jonathan Bray came down from Canada, just to shop in arrrr fine store. We fitted  them both from head to toe in some of the finest pirate garb in the seven seas.  They were feeling a bit plunder when they felt, but they looked grand, as you seen in the photo below. They both feel in love with the Pirate of the Caribbean Ride a the East Indian Mouse Company since being a youngster.

Their company be called Secret Spirits Ltd, started out focusing on whiskey. They created a unique Scotch Whiskey Advent Calendar of 25 different samples of whisky. They see that pirate's have more fun, so now they be focusing on Rum! The Rum's Revenge will be available to the US, next year.

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