Themed Entertainment Centers

The future of retail and entertainment merge.

  • Over supply of retail space and on shopping is causing a major crash in the retail business.
  • Amusement parks and rides that are themed based on books, movies, tv programs and video games are wildly popular.
  • The millennia are into experiences more than stuff.
  • The convergence of food, retail, hospitality and entertainment in a themed immersive environment can be very powerful.
  • Themed centers don’t need to be huge area amusement parks, but can contained in a single building.
  • Games are the key because shared social activity creates the strongest experiences. Games that forces you to make decisions create deeper involvement compared to rides or movie, which are a passive experience.
  • Multi player games that can be played in teams, which can form leagues to play in tournaments will build a repeat business that can lasts months.
  • Teams can play together, can eat and drink together, wear a custom outfit and room together for a true bonding experience.
  • All these activities can be themed to a historical (cowboys, knights, pirates, ninjas) or fantasy world (Middle Earth, Star Wars, Hunger Games).
  • Smaller themed centers allow for niche themes of a deeper experience for dedicated fans of that theme.
  • Themed products can command higher prices in themed centers and create a higher sense of urgency to purchase when visiting.
  • Fans will spend more on costuming if they will wear it more than once. They will when to show off to others.
  • Centers can create many small monthly or weekly special events instead of one large annual event due to limited capacity of the facilities. Plus it’s better to get fans to come more often.
  • Small hotels in the centers will increase the number of traveler and allow them to stay fully immersed in the themed world for a deeper experience.
  • The more engage the five sense: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. Food highly engages both the tasting and smelling senses. Millenniums have been a key driver to the foodie culture.
  • If food and drink are done right or wrong, the fans will share those experiences on social media.
  • Most amusement parks have been designed for kids. Niched themed centers don’t need to be watered down for the masses; they can be targeted to a niched adult audience.

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