Tiger's Factory Meetings in India

I visited the factory that makes some of our fine pirate garb, such as the Sea Wolf line. This is my second visit here and I checked over arrrr  women's crossdressing outfit which will be coming into the shop the next season. There are no children working in this factory, the worker are highly motivated and the area is clean and well organized.  We discussed some issues with getting the fabric dyers to accept small orders . We will try projecting a years supply of fabric and ordering it all at one time which is a large initial investment but will help solve the issues with shipping delays.

I then traveled to a small city about 2.5 hours from New Delhi. This be the factory that makes many of our metal items such as swords, buckles, etc.  You can see some of the new items we are working on: a jailers key, plug bayonets and a short cuttoe sword. Examining the forge and heavy duty laser cutter was impressive.  We also had to figure out some buckle issue with the new men's muskeeter boot.   Having dinner to cement a good relationship is always part of why I travel half way around the world.

I had a chance to visit one of the largest couture houses in India.  This is hand made, high end fashion for Bollywood actresses and Indian weddings.  I was able to see their entire operation from art design, hand embroidery, draping, sewing to shoe making.  I got to try my hand at actually doing some of the work.  Most of work in Indian sewing factories is done by men, while in many other countries it is mostly done by women.  

In between all my meetings, I did get in a little sight seeing. Here I am at  Humayuns Tomb, which be the inspiration for the Taj Mahal.  

I am also at the factory which make my wonderful corsets and bodices.  We have been doing business together for over 6 years. Currently we are revising the reversible panel corset to get a better shape based on customer feedback.  I am also looking at some new fabrics for future corsets.

Remember 200 years ago, the English ruled India through the East India Trading Company.  Much of the treasure pirate plunder come from India. So it makes sense for Pirate Fashions to have some of our products made here. All the items we have produced here are from our own designs and are made exclusively for us.  Next blog we will cover my trip to Kathmandu, Nepal n' what it means for Pirate Fashions.


January 24, 2019

tiger you arrrre awsume.what a fantastic web site.


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