Why Tiger Travels the 7 Seas

Tiger takes voyages to acquire new treasures throughout the new n' old world. Most small boutiques don't have anything made fer them, they just buy existing products from different distributors.  Since we serve a small niche we don't have thousands of sources that main stream shops would have.

Tiger visits foreign countries to find companies to create special pirate products for Pirate Fashions.  We find if ye use websites such as Aliexpress, you get middle men pretending to be manufacturers, which results in higher prices (because they have to take their cut) n' inconsistent result because they might use a different factory with each order of the same item.  It is harder to travel half way around the world n' meet face to face to go over exactly what you want instead of clicking a few buttons on a computer screen. Tiger looks fer long term relationships with companies that want to produce quality products instead of the cheapest products.

Tiger went to India three years ago to meet with the owners of 2 factories that he has been using for a few years already n' to explore 3 new factories.  Pirate Fashions has since stopped doing business with one of those factories and is in the process of phasing out another one.  Tiger went back to the 3 current factories to go over new products, fix problems with existing products n' discuss how we can improve certain processes such as shipping cost, reduction in production times n' customs issues.  Many times it takes an entire year or longer to bring a new product idea to  the shelf fer ye to buy.

Next month we will go over what happened on Tiger's voyage to New Delhi, Kathmandu and Istanbul. 

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