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Tropical Pirate Sash

Color: Red

Here be a custom woven sash from the far away Heavenly Kingdom of Nepal. The wide weave allows air to flow through this sash. Almost as cool as the Bloody Breezy Pirate Sash, but rougher.  Made of a special high altitude plant which be stronger than hemp or linen.  Another Pirate Fashions exclusive, arrrrrgh! 

• This sash be hand woven in a loose style so it will breath in the hot summer weather.  You can see through it close up.
• 50% Himalayan Nettle from the mountains of Nepal and 50% Cotton. Cotton makes this sash soft n' Nettle makes it stiff n' durable.
• Full 13 feet 4 inches long, enough to go around ye twice and have nice long tails (will shrink about 6-12 inches after hot washing)
• 11.5 inches wide
• Sashes should always be worn with a good leather pirate belt!

Washing instructions Category 3: wash cold, line dry