Leather Navy Baldric

Color: Pirate Black
Material: Brass

Doing research on what sailors really wore, we came across a real example of a Navy baldric and patterned this one after it. Due to the cramped nature of ships, with only small hatches between decks, only a baldric with the sword pointing straight up and down would work. Land based baldrics used by cavalry could be angled front to back, for a salty seadog aboard a ship that just wouldn't work. This set up also works well in a crowed festival, so ye don't bang everybody around ye with yer weapon. It is designed around on the buttock rather that around the hip and is comfortable when walking as yer sword won't hit your own leg.

• Designed with an "O" ring in the back to adjust to different body sizes n' to allow the sword to hang at the correct angle 
• Fancy Jolly Big square buckles in brass or nickel finishes
• Made of a thick 8 oz leather in either black or brown
• It fits most swords or large daggers n' can be adjusted with a tightening of the ribbon n' securing the belt.
• 60 inches long with 17 inches of adjustment to fit pirates from 5'4 to 6'4
• The edge of the leather is beveled so it won't dig into yer skin.
• You can easly change the ribbon to another color n' so match any of yar outfits.
• Includes 2 "D"rings so you can easily attached a baldric o' knife holster in seconds
• Baldric holster n' baldric knife holder are sold seperately

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.