Jolly Big Pirate Belt

Color: Pirate Black
Material: Brass

Here be a grand, thick leather belt, perfect fer any salty seadog. Handcrafted by Pirate Fashions. The period buckles be a huge 4 x 6 inch.

Regular size be about 50 inches and Extra Long be be about 65 inches long

• Two types of buckles: either brass or nickel finishes in our Square Big Jolly Belt Buckle.  We do have a few plain brass buckles left but we are discontinuing the plain buckles, so once they're gone, they're gone.

• Regular fits a waist from 25 to 45 inches
• Extra Long fits waist from 25 to 65 inches

• Edges are beveled so they don't dig into your skin
• Heavy duty 9 oz leather, which matches arrrr leather baldrics
• 2.5 inch wide leather belt
• Buckles are riveted on and cannot be removed

** Extra Long Belts are $10 more 'n arrrr only available in black leather. Fits a waist from 28 to 68 inches

NOTE: This should be worn like a regular belt using the keeper.

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.