Linen Pirate Sashes

Color: Crimson Red

Here be a fine linen pirate sash, left rough at the edges fer that worn pirate look.  This be one of arrrrr most popular n' affordable sashes!

• 100% linen, this be the fabric that most pirates wore, much stronger than cotton
• Full 12 feet long, enough to go around yer waist twice n' still have nice long tails
• 9-11 inches wide  As seen in the Howard Pyle image below, a wide sash be the look of real pirates
• This sash has an unfinished torn edge, which be perfect for the rugged look.  Some threads will come off, that is normal fer this fabric
• Comes in a wide variety of colors to match any outfit!

Note: Linen will feel hard and stiff when you first receive yer sash. Washing it will make it nice and soft. n' it will shrink about 20%. The first time you wash them, put them in a mesh laundry bag by itself.  Cut away loose thread and iron afterwards.  

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Washing instructions Category 2: Hand wash, line dry