Sea Wolf Pirate Outfit

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When ye be wanting a high quality, authentic outfit, ye can't go wrong with this one.  Perfect fer someone who wants to be pirate officer such as the first mate, bosun, master gunner, head carpenter or sailing master. Fitting at a tall ship festival, Colonial Williamsburg, or any pirate festival.

Suggested color combinations:

-Black Waistcoat, White Shirt, Black Breeches n' any color of Bandana n' Sash 

- Burgundy Waistcoat, Black Shirt, Black Breeches, Black Sash

- Brown Waistcoat, Black Shirt, Black Breeches and Gold Bandana n' Sash.

- Blue Waistcoat, Black Shirt, Navy Breeches and White Sash.


We have taken arrrr best selling Land Ho Knee Breeches and Pirate Roundsman Waistcoat to the next level by adding in details that cannot be produced affordably in the US.  By designing this for production with our partner factory in India, we have been able to add friction buckles to the knee breeches and a split lace back to the waistcoat while dropping the price. We work closely with our overseas partners to ensure humane conditions and a living wage fer those employees.

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Sea Wolf Shirt with Cravat


$ 55.00

Sea Wolf Waistcoat


$ 150.00

Sea Wolf Knee Breeches


$ 89.00

Pirate Bandana N Sash Set


$ 40.00