Sea Wolf Pirate Outfit

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When ye be wanting an high quality authentic outfit, you can't go wrong with this one.  This be perfect fer someone who want to be pirate officer such as the first mate, bosun, master gunner, head carpenter or sailing master. Similar to the Quartermaster outfit, which this one be replacing.

Suggested Color Combinations:

-Black Waistcoat, White Shirt, Black Breeches n' any color of bandana n sash such red, blue, green.

- Brown Waistcoat, Black Shirt, Black Breeches and gold bandana and sash.

Pick Items of Yar Outfit

Able Seamen Tricorne Pirate Hat


$ 65.00

Sea Wolf Shirt with Cravat


$ 55.00

Sea Wolf Waistcoat


$ 150.00

Sea Wolf Knee Breeches


$ 89.00

Pirate Bandana N Sash Set


$ 40.00