Formal Pirate Ball

Gender: Male

Event: Pirate Fashions Formal Ball

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024

Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm, dinner served at 6:30pm

Venue: Wild Rover Brewing Company

Location: 13921 Lynmar Blvd, Tampa, FL. 33626

Cost: $80 per person

Since we arrr not doing any more outside vending, we arrr putting on arrr own event!  

To create a totally engaging n' immersive event we have two major requirements:

1) Strict Dress Code: Men must be in a Fancy Pirate Frock coat, Ladies must be in a 1680 to 1800 period gown with corset n' petticoat. (send photo of outfit if unsure). Each couple should have one person in a coat n' one person in a gown.

2) Everyone must Dance:  We will be teaching 3 period dances.  We will be holding air soft flintlock pistol duels.
We have these requirement to avoid a lifeless event where nobody dances, half the people be in cheap halloween costumes n' the only thing to do be drinking to forget how dull that event be.

We will also be holding a few dance classes before the event, which we will announce at a later date.

NOTE: No tickets at the door, must purchase ticket in advance.  There are only 40 gentlemen n' 40 ladies tickets available.  We expect to sell out before the end of February. The order receipt will be your ticket.