Rum Barrel Baldric

When yar mates be needing something warm on a cold night, here be the St Bernard fer Pirates.  This be 5th in arrrr line of specialized drink products. Pirate Fashions design, not available anywhere else.
• Made of high quality black leather with beveled edges
• This Baldric has a buckle in the front, to make it adjustable to anyone from about 5'5 to 6'5 .
• Comes with one wood shot cup with a skull and cross bone burned into it.
• Come with a one liter (64 oz) oak barrel (you need to soak it in water fer one day, so the wood will swell before using, else yar rum will leak).
• Come with a cork bung at top (which needs to be removed) so the rum will flow through the spigot at the side (replace the cork bung after pouring).
• Connected with Chicago screws, so you an switch it around for left handed draw.
• Be the life the party with this one.

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