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How Black Beard Carried All Those Weapons!

Over the past decade, I have received numerous requests for a baldric/harness system to carry a surplus of weapons like Blackbeard.  I have studied what history says he wore, but most of what is available is based in hearsay n'  artist interpretation of what he may have looked like, all illustrated by those who have not actually have seen Edward Teach.  Each version looks different.  The difficulty in making an accurate weapons holding system that visually recreates what many artists have illustrated is that an artist can draw anything they like without having to consider the logistics of gravity n' actually having to carry around an armoury of weapons all day on them, while we have to consider what can be realistically worn on the body. 

I have crafted four different versions developed over time. There be a shipload of issues I have had to deal with, such as:
• Premade off the rack instead of custom made
• Fits different sized n' shaped individuals
• Easy to put on and take off by yarself
• Configured to carry different sizes n' types of weapons
• Comfortable n' durable to wear

I be happy to announce that I am finally content with the newest version that solves all these issues.  I was trying to solve the problem of our larger belts sliding down on men with larger bellies n' narrow hips, so I added suspenders to the Men's Treasure Belt.  Pirates didn't really wear suspenders, as they had not been invented yet, but we adjusted the look by adding holsters to the suspenders so they look ' operate like gun harness instead.  Using the "D" ring clip to connect accessories made the entire Black Beard Weapon Harness work.

Watch me draw, fire n' holster 6 pistols then draw a cutlass n' dagger all in under 30 seconds.


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7 Seas Custom Pirate Frock Coat

After 2 years of development we finally have arrr new custom pirate frock coat!  This coat has a shipload of different options so ye can design a unique piece that perfectly matches the rest of yar outfit.  There be 19 different question that ye be needing to answer to get this fine treasure. The basic coat starts at $275 n' can go up to $1155 if ye splurge on all the options, which includes choices in fabric, a cape, trim, back button holes, a collar, lapels, n' skirt pleating. Best to watch the video that fully explains all the options, yarrr!

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Pirates and Swivel Guns

Pirate Fashions has its own supply o' Cannon foryar ships! When we talk about cannon itbe important to remember that the second ye put'em on a ship they are henceforth referred to as guns. Takefer example the Swivel Gun! It's a small cannon thatbe designedfer ships n' gun emplacements.

Swivel Guns themselves be a convenient weapon, unlike their larger counterparts they were mounted on a stand or fork that allowed them to "swivel" n' turn in a wide arc. They were small enough that they could be taken ashore by a 2-3 man team, n' used in impromptu land based combat or fortifications. Ye could even mount one on a longboat as ye escape a ship or make your way to a hostile coastline!

A breech loaded gun could be fired in relatively rapid succession using canisters of preparedblackpowder n' projectiles called Mugs. One pirate could feasibly use a swivel gun independently to wreak havoc on sailors aboard enemy ships, they made deadly anti-personnel weaponsfer tightly packed groups aboard a deck. A muzzle loaded swivel gun was still quite a force to be reckoned with!

Check out Arrr Supply o' Cannon n' start building upyar Arsenal!


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Fresh Plunder! New Products at Pirate Fashions

Arrrgh! We constantly be bringin' in new clothing, gear n' weapons from Arrr adventures across the Seven Seas! Arrr Fresh Plunder section be the place we stock all of arrr ill gotten loot that we bring into port. 

Recently we have added authentic new Buckle Shoes, n' the Ducks Foot Percussion Pistol! 

Don't forget to also submit pictures o' yar new garb to Pirate Fashions so we can see yar adventures. http://bit.ly/2oXPmNT

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Drinking Baldrics Pirate Fashions

Many Events outlaw the possession o' weapons, in response Pirate Fashions has created the drinking baldric so ye can remain armed with SOMETHING! This be perfect forarrr Mardi Gras Pirates who will need to go to battle armed to the teeth!

Baldrics themselves have been around in even the most basic formssince the Ancient World. The Roman Balteus (the plural beBaltei) was used by soldiers to carrythar weapons n gear.

Frequently they would be made with leather n' adorned with metals n' precious stones or both. Truly it adds to the look o' the prepared Buccaneer!

Pirate Fashions carries a Bottle Baldric, a Shooter Baldric n' Flask Baldric. Allof'em can be layered to show other party goers ye came to party! http://bit.ly/2kP23IS

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The Mardi Gras Pirate Wench

Mardi Gras Pirates n' Wenches! All be welcome! Ye will be the Saucy Queen of New Orleans with an outfit such as this! Resplendent in Green, Purple n Gold, laden with doubloons n' treasures!

This be the perfect time to go all out withyar outfit! Costumes are abundant at Mardi Gras Celebrations, historically speakin' they allowed carnival goers to escape the bonds of social class, identities and their associated constraints. Be who ye want to be this holiday! Especially if that be a pirate! http://bit.ly/2kXP2u1

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The Mardi Gras Pirate Sets Sail!

Take Mardi Gras by storm me hearties! There be a lot of overlap between pirates and the festive outfits, revelries n' debauching of Mardi Gras- therefore Pirate Fashions has designed the Mardi Gras Pirate Costume!

To match the colors n' explosiveness that has been in Mardi Gras style since 1872 we have assembled a selection of Green, Gold n' Purple fabrics. These not beyar cheap run o' the mill Halloween costumes, these are the outfits of Legendary Adventurers and are durable enough to survive numerous, active nights in the French Quarter.  

Mardi Gras' origins date back to as far as MedievalFrance, when the people would celebrate "Beouf Gras," or Fatted Calf. Awell fed cow would belead in a parade, to a feast for the community. This would be to celebrate the beginning of Lent. This tradition persisted into Colonial America n' became "Fat Tuesday," or the literal French translation: Mardi Gras. 

The tradition of parading cattle disappeared over time. In NewOrleans it was replaced by an elegant Mardi Gras Ball in the early 18th century. A Carnival style Mardi Gras Parade happened in the late 18th century under Colonial Spain. Both the Ball and the Carnival are hallowed traditions o' Mardi Gras. The first Official Mardi Gras finally took place in 1837 with a grand parade o' horses, carriages n' lights. In 1875, Governor Warmoth even signed the "Mardi Gras Act" to make it an officialLouisnana Holiday, which it be to this day. O'ertime Mardi Gras has continuously grown into a festive parade n' night o' revelry! 

The traditional green, purple n' gold were adopted during a visit from Russian Grand Duke n' businessman Alexis Romanoff in 1872. To honor the noble's House, his House's colors were adopted into Mardi Gras as the official colors by the Rex, King of Mardi Gras. 

The best thing about Pirate Fashions is that many o'arrr items come in a variety of colors. Arrange the Tri-Colors toyarrr liking n' get ready for a night on the town!


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Pirate Nation Magazine Launches

Here be the latest on-line pirate magazine to hit the net.  The first was Pyrates Way, which started out as a physical magazine which converted to an on-line one, they are based in the North East, they are in their 25th issue.  The second magazine is Mutiny Magazine, based in California be on their 10th issue. The third and newest magazine be, Pirate Nation, based in Florida, has come out 2 days before Talk Like A Pirate Day. The publisher n' editor be Captain Kraven MoreGrog, who also be the founder of the Crewe of Thee Leviathan.

The magazine seems to focus on more on what today's pirate community is doing socially, instead of focusing on the past history of pirates. They are ambitious in their undertaking, as pirates should be. The have article of upcoming sponsored pirate and renaissance festival in different sections of the county.  In addition to the magazine, they arrrr working a number of daring ventures: such as On-line Pirate Dating Portal, Pirate Barter Exchange, the Pubs of Pirate Nations which offers a Challenge Coins to get discounts at bars, list of Charity Endeavors, Anne Bonny's List of reviews of vendors - similar to Angie's List.

The format of the magazine is a bit hard to read in its digital format, they are designing like a [physical magazine, but they are not.  They should format it for the computer screen for an older crowd.

Overall the Pirate Nation Magazine is not as polished as the other two older magazine, but it does seem to fill a niche that is different from the other two. As it get a few more issues under its belt, I hope it fulfills some of it ambitious promises, so the pirate community will grow.

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Laura Croft Treasure Raider Mash Up Outfit

Here be arrrrr first pirate costume mash up.  Tomb Raider Lara Croft as a pirate, n' it be a real treasure, yarrrrr!  In the lasted version of Tomb Raider they did add A Pirate's Life Mission on Shipwreck Beach to the 2013 game. They should of dressed Lara as a pirate, so we decided to do it.

Aye, we be the first one to do this grand idea, just fer arrrrr customer who be liking to CosPlay something different. Let me know if ye want me to do some other pirate mash up like this grand Pirate Tomb Raider outfit, arrrrrgh!  This costume features arrrr new utility belt designed fer women who want to carry a heavy load of weapons n' other gear off their hips, watch the video to see how this unique system all works.

This also be the first of arrrrrr fancy spinning photos fer complete outfits, how hot is that!

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British Officer Dress Coat

Tally Ho, we finally have this gorgeous coat finished. I have been working on this coat fer the past 6 months on the request of some Gasparilla Krewe, Tallship Crew N War of 1812 re-enactors N even Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. What's fun of being a pirate, if there isn't a bad guy to harass.  We used a very hard to find book: Dressed to Kill, to craft this pattern.

his be the coat of arrrrr fine enemy, the British Royal Navy.  Many other European and American Navy N Privateer uniforms we similar in design during the Late Pirate Period of the Napoleonic Wars.

• Made of a Navy cotton and lined with cotton/linen fabric (much cooler that a wool coat)
• High quality gold braid used to trim in a simplified Captains design
• Two real front pockets
This be a Pirate Fashions design, that will take 4 to 6 week to make.

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