Laura Croft Treasure Raider Mash Up Outfit

Here be arrrrr first pirate costume mash up.  Tomb Raider Lara Croft as a pirate, n' it be a real treasure, yarrrrr!  In the lasted version of Tomb Raider they did add A Pirate's Life Mission on Shipwreck Beach to the 2013 game. They should of dressed Lara as a pirate, so we decided to do it.

Aye, we be the first one to do this grand idea, just fer arrrrr customer who be liking to CosPlay something different. Let me know if ye want me to do some other pirate mash up like this grand Pirate Tomb Raider outfit, arrrrrgh!  This costume features arrrr new utility belt designed fer women who want to carry a heavy load of weapons n' other gear off their hips, watch the video to see how this unique system all works.

This also be the first of arrrrrr fancy spinning photos fer complete outfits, how hot is that!

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