Pirate Nation Magazine Launches

Here be the latest on-line pirate magazine to hit the net.  The first was Pyrates Way, which started out as a physical magazine which converted to an on-line one, they are based in the North East, they are in their 25th issue.  The second magazine is Mutiny Magazine, based in California be on their 10th issue. The third and newest magazine be, Pirate Nation, based in Florida, has come out 2 days before Talk Like A Pirate Day. The publisher n' editor be Captain Kraven MoreGrog, who also be the founder of the Crewe of Thee Leviathan.

The magazine seems to focus on more on what today's pirate community is doing socially, instead of focusing on the past history of pirates. They are ambitious in their undertaking, as pirates should be. The have article of upcoming sponsored pirate and renaissance festival in different sections of the county.  In addition to the magazine, they arrrr working a number of daring ventures: such as On-line Pirate Dating Portal, Pirate Barter Exchange, the Pubs of Pirate Nations which offers a Challenge Coins to get discounts at bars, list of Charity Endeavors, Anne Bonny's List of reviews of vendors - similar to Angie's List.

The format of the magazine is a bit hard to read in its digital format, they are designing like a [physical magazine, but they are not.  They should format it for the computer screen for an older crowd.

Overall the Pirate Nation Magazine is not as polished as the other two older magazine, but it does seem to fill a niche that is different from the other two. As it get a few more issues under its belt, I hope it fulfills some of it ambitious promises, so the pirate community will grow.


December 17, 2017

Sorry but Pirate Nation Magazine only lasted 3 issue and now be no more. Mutiny Magazine is also no more as well. It be almost impossible to make any money in the magazine business anymore. I believe that pyrates way magazine is still going.

- Tiger Lee


September 09, 2017

I’v been trying to get a subscription of Pirate nation un able to a way to order a subscription. Hoping you can help. Thank you. Captain Mack.

- william Deaton

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