Gasparilla Extended Store Hours

It be the start of a new year n' the world largest pirate event.  So we have extended Tampa's largest pirate store from arrrrr traditional Fri to Sun hours.  We have expanded arrrrr parking lot, but it best to come down the back alley way to enter the shop. 

 Many mates ask us why we don't open everyday like traditional shops.  They answer be that we be pirates who don't do things like everyone else, yarrrrr!  The real reason be that we be busy making clothing, leather products n' black powder weapons.  If we were open everyday, we wouldn't have time to make any of that grand plunder.  The secret to getting the best plunder be to come early in the month.  If ye delay n' wait until the day before Gasparilla, ye will be treated to a madd house of desperate rogues n' wench bashing each other fer the last item in their size.  It is arrrrr busiest day of the year.

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