Pirate's Guide to the Disney's Magic Kingdom!

After a very busy Gasparilla season, Tiger Lee had to give his krewe of the Pirate Fashions, a day off or face a mutiny.  We actually do a company field trip every other month, so life be good as a pirate.  We decided to go to Disney's Magic Kingdom, sometimes called "East Indian Mouse Company" or the "Holy Rodent Empire" bent on world domination.  

As you can see we arrrr dispelling the myth that you can't go to Disney as a pirate.  Ye just need to keep to the code and follow the rule (they NOT be guidelines): 

1) You can not dress up as a Disney Character, unless you are under the age of 10. Your pirate outfit can not be too sexy, reveling, torn or smelly. You have to wear some kind of foot gear.  No weapons can be brought into the parks.

2) You can not pose for pictures or sign autographs.  This is a good thing, as you don't really want to be stopped every 10 feet for a photo.  You just need to tell people who ask for a photo, that you are not an Disney Employee and can't pose for photography or you will asked to leave.  They can take a causal photo of you talking or something, but they can not be in the photo.

Ye be asking, why in the seven seas would ye want to dress like a Pirate at Disney?  It be hot, uncomfortable, and bulky to carry n' wear all my pirate or wench garb.  It will get in the way of the rides.  Those be some of the complains my crew members made.


 The simple answer be that ye will have a ship load more FUN!  In the 30 years of attending a Disney park as a regular landlubber, I never experienced a magic moment.  They day my krewe went, we had 6 magic moment in one voyage. Cast Members arrrrr trained n' encouraged to create Magic Moment everyday.  Here be some of arrrrr magic moments: letting us going on the fast pass immediately instead of having to wait 30 or 45 minutes, giving us a extra carrot cake, picking us on the interactive shows, taking a photo of us eating dinner and packing the photo in a nice frame fer dinner, getting to take unique photos with the characters.


Why would ye get more magic moment as a pirate?  My guess be that cast members see thousands of landlubbers everyday.  We always drew more attention from disney cast members than we did with most landlubbers who ignored anything that is not a Disney Themed Character.  I even had the handler fer Gaston want to meet with the Chinese Pirate from the South China Seas. Another ride operator actual recognized us, as he had been a customer at arrrr fine store in Tampa.  We gave a few business cards to people who asked about our fine pirate n' wench garb we be wearing, most of them to Disney Cast Members. You probably won't attract as much attention if your outfit is a Halloween costume.  We had a group of 7 of us, and my Chinese Pirate look is very unique.  You do have to be interesting and try not to outwardly attract attention.

What be the of pirating without weapons or rum? We ye can't going into any of the parks with weapons, but that doesn't mean you can't go into the Pirate's Bazaar Gift Shop n' buy a plastic cutlass n' a metal flintlock pistol n' stick it into yar sash.  Best to go there before you go on the ride, so ye won't be unarmed.

We found many a barrel around the park, but none be filled with rum.  O' why is the rum always gone? No matter how hard we looked, we couldn't find any. We even went into the Tortuga Tavern n' asked fer rum, n' all we got be a pirate coin fer our troubles.  The place you can get some rum, is at the Epcot Center, but none be had at the Magic Kingdom.



So what can you do at Disney as a pirate?  Well the most important treasure be to go on the Pirate's of the Caribbean Ride which opened up in 1967, but will be closing down fer renovations the fall 2015.

I would suggest you skip the Pirate's League, unless ye be a kid or like yar face painted.


If ye be in the area n' have a few minutes to spare, Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial be somewhat entertaining.  They have different shows at different times.

There also be a Pirates Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas, which consists of 5 different map that must search through the park to find clues to the treasure.  Unfortunately the machine that allows us to proceed with the quest be cursed (broken fer the time we be there).  The maps do look pretty cool however, arrrrgh!

Well there always be looting . . . I mean shopping.  We randomly picked the least likely shop to find anything pirate, Ye Olde Christmass Shoppe.  A good pirate can discover treasure almost anywhere. Pirate Christmas Ornaments.


They also be having a shipload of pirate trading pins, an idea they stoled (borrowed) from the Olympics. 


Food always be good after a day of plundering.  One of my favorites fer the seafaring types be the Columbia Harbor House.


Pirates alway be lured by mermaids, so go visit The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure as well as Ariel's Grotto meet n' greet fer a personal photo.  Ariel's handlers get upset if ye pull out cutlass during the pictures, but they get over it, arrrrrgh!


Remember if ye don't be following the code, ye might end up in the stocks.


If ye play by the East India Mouse Company's rules, ye'll end up with a quite memorable voyage, but with many fewer doubloons in yar pouch.  Hopefully these tips will result in more treasures in yar next visit n' remember that you can get fine pirate n' wench garb at Pirate Fashions.



April 02, 2015

Arr, I’ve been to the Mighty Mouse Empire dressed in me piraticals afore, scupper me hide if I ain’t…but ye have to watch out…the place does strange things to geography. Had me portrait taken in front of a Frenchified castle, scupper…and just a couple days later, I found meself in Africa for another portrait…and what should be in the background but bleedin’ Mt. Everest! Oh yes…got into a fight wi’ Capn Hook as well…

- Mad Capn Bob


March 31, 2015

I find sich doings ter be greatly relaxing. All the more now thet I’ve dropped anchor not far from Pirate Fashion’s.

(I’ll be by fer me slops Friday)

- Wicked Nate Wickett


March 14, 2015

Pirate garb it hot and uncomfortable!? What devilry is this?! I find pirate garb to be much more comfortable and much cooler than cotton T-shirts and blue jeans/khakis/slacks (and don’t get me started on polyester XD). I’ve actually experimented and find it more comfortable than underarmour. Granted my garb is made entirely of linen and I don’t wear a scrap of modern clothing, so I suppose ye should allow for different people’s customs and sensibilities, but still… And I suppose a corset could get quite hot (and it’s probably uncomfortable anyhow if ye be lacing it up tight, lol), but if a man’s pirate garb is hot, then something must be amiss…

Anyhow, glad ye could enjoy yerselves in the Holy Rodent Empire (very clever, by the way ;P)! I be lookin’ forward to doing it meself someday! Thankee for the advice kind sir!

- Captain Adaro Jorus


March 12, 2015

Argh…..I love goin to the East India Mouse Company as a pirate! I be already planning me garb for the next invasion!

- gypsy

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