Clean Up Dock Sale

After 3 year in arrrr fine store, we be in need of cleaning up the store to make space fer all the new projects we arrrrr going to begin working on.  So after I spent an entire article last month telling you we don't do sale, we arrrr going to have are very first sale, but none of our regular stock will be in the sale.  

We are cleaning up arrrr shop of the damaged articles, photography equipment from the old store, prototypes samples, old photo props, non-pirate costumes, misc stuff that gathers.  We are taking all these items and selling them on the sidewalk next to the store on Saturday, June 20, 2015 from 10am to 2pm.  If you love deals, this is the one time we are doing this.  If you have any stuff you wish to sell, you may bring that stuff to sell at this Dock Clean Up Sale as well.

Check here on June 18, as we might have a few item available fer on-line sale, before the Dock sale on the 20th, so those that be too far away to visit, might get a few deals.

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